This month the United Nations proposed 17 goals to accomplish within the span of the next 15 years. In the midst of worldwide catastrophes, it’s nice to see the desire for common good made visible as it took 193 world leaders to write up this statement. No, these are not goals set for one country or one region, but goals that call for sustainable development across ALL nations.

When going through some of the 17 Global Goals, you find the call to end poverty and to fight injustice. The call for clean energy, economic growth, life in the sea and on land, and the improvement of infrastructures are also included. While all important yet lofty ideals, the second to last goal naturally and ultimately is peace. Despite these all being imperative operations, the UN does recognize that they set themselves up for an extremely difficult endeavor to say the least. This is why the UN stresses that education about these issues is of the utmost importance in order for their plan to be realized. Information gives one the first push to begin fighting for their rights. By calling our generation to fight for these goals, we have the potential to witness the success of the 17 stated global issues that affect us daily. Once solved, they will directly address other issues that were unaddressed in the plan. The only way to promote a better world for our generation and the following is unity, and by uniting together and ending extreme poverty we can begin to create a prosperous future for all.


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About the Author:

As an International Studies major at the Johns Hopkins University, she has been exposed to many perspectives on certain global issues and ideas. Having been a Florida native, she has also come to appreciate different languages and cultures such as Spanish and German. Growing up in a tropical environment provided a large variety of fresh foods and local farmers markets, allowing Sofia to further her education in proper nourishment. She has a strong interest in sustainability, and hopes to aid in the development of better independent farming practices. She hopes to practice international law in the future and focus her research on Latin American infrastructures. Aside from academics, her interests range from music and art museums to being an active runner.

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