In case you missed last week’s blog article on the trend of going vegetarian, it outlined some important things to know for those considering a veggie diet. It just so happens that I am currently about a week and a half into being a vegetarian in 2016.  Our recent article was important for me because I’m currently training for a Tough Mudder and don’t want to lose out on protein by cutting out meat.  In case you didn’t know already, you can easily get enough protein from plants alone, and as we’ve recently been told by the USDA, most American men get too much of it anyway. I’m disinclined to call going vegetarian a new year’s resolution because the thing about our yearly pledges is they rarely stick.  So instead I’m going veggie as the first installment in a series of monthly 30 day challenges I’m going to be doing in 2016.

Why a 30 day challenge you ask? If you want to be a vegetarian, why not fully commit? Well the answer comes down to achievability, forming good habits, and improving self confidence. I got the idea after watching Google Engineer Matt Cutts’s Ted Talk on some of the 30 day challenges he’s completed. In Matt’s experience, 30 days is just about the amount of time it takes to add or subtract a habit from your life. He went from a desk dwelling computer geek to someone who rides their bike to work for fun, and eventually even climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro! In addition to going vegetarian for the month, I’m also cutting out using my phone before bed and using any social media websites but facebook.

So here’s what I’ve found so far.

  1. Anyone can keep up a positive habit for 30 days. Any time I feel like I might fizzle out and eat meat I can remind myself that I’m only in this for a month and it’d be pretty lame to stop now.
  2. I can already feel myself forming good habits and rarely even feel like cheating on my goals. Throughout the year, I’d like to maintain as many good habits as I can so that by December I’ll have made numerous positive changes to my life.
  3. I’m already excited for next month’s challenge (studying Chinese daily and learning 10 new recipes).
  4. It’s fun to think up challenges for the rest of the year!
  5. I’m filling up the time I used to spend doing pointless things online and on my phone with more meaningful activities. Have you ever read the Martian? It’s amazing; I got through it in just a few days.
  6. People are generally interested to hear about the challenges and have considered trying one themselves.
  7. I feel a nice overall sense of accomplishment and self confidence.

So give a 30 Day Challenge a shot! I promise future you will appreciate it.