For anyone keeping up with the latest superfood trends, it’s no surprise that moringa has been fast gaining recognition as a great daily multivitamin supplement. Boasting high levels of nutrients to rival amounts found in other leafy greens such as kale, spinach and collard greens, moringa consistently comes out on top for providing nutrients in a readily available and easily digestible form. But did you know it also makes a great post-workout fuel?

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  • Protein dense. Moringa contains 18 amino acids, including all 9 essential amino acids which are key for aiding muscle repair after exercise. Two of these essential amino acids, Isoleucine and Leucine, help build protein and enzymes to increase energy. Each serving of Kuli Kuli moringa powder contains 3g protein.
  • Antioxidants = anti-inflammatory. Moringa contains 46 antioxidants to reduce post-workout inflammation and accelerate muscle repair, increasing recovery time and helping to heal injuries. It also contains seven times the amount of vitamin C of an orange, which helps the body deal with stress and recovery, and can be depleted during intense exercise.
  • Vitamins for recovery. Moringa contains a host of nutrients to help the body recover after exercise, including three times more iron than kale, which helps the blood deliver more oxygen to the muscles, aiding in faster recovery; and three times more potassium than bananas, which is important for increasing muscular energy and assisting in protein synthesis.

This is one of my favorite post-workout drinks to make, because it’s easy to throw together and helps my body recover after a workout. Along with moringa, I also include chia seeds for extra tissue-repairing protein and omega-3’s; lemon juice to increase the bioavailability of the iron in moringa (and for taste!); coconut water to replace lost electrolytes; and optional honey for both taste and extra carbs to replenish glycogen lost during exercise.

Moringa Post-Workout Recovery Drink

1 packet Kuli Kuli Moringa powder

1 tbsp chia seeds

8-12 oz coconut water (or regular water)

Splash of lemon juice

Honey to taste (optional)

Instructions: Toss ingredients in a blender bottle, shake and go! Be sure to shake well during the 10 minutes or so after mixing to make sure the chia seeds don’t clump as they expand. Follow up with a high protein meal one to three hours after your workout.

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