imagesThere’s no doubt that our system is backwards. Our thoughts surrounding how we eat, where we find out food and how we spend our dollar have been crafted to keep us in the dark and confused about where to begin. And if we are perpetually confused, and fed confounding information on a daily basis, insert all the fads, we are then the perfect consumer-confused and purchasing blindly.

In this day and age, there is a huge gap, a missing piece from farm to plate. We no longer have a relationship with our food, and perusing around the over illuminated super market, thinking that this indeed is the farm upon which it was raised. There is no other thought behind where our food comes from other than the holiday dressings in the meat case and let us know what season we should be celebrating, or the cute frilly grass that separates the shoulder from the flank. It is this sort of ‘food norm’ that keeps us disconnected in the same way that video games keep us disconnected from our feelings and emotions encompass violent acts so prevalent in video games today.

The guidelines that are handed to us are regurgitated by each one of us, regurgitated when we have no understanding of the whys, or what we are even saying. We don’t see food as food anymore, but instead fat, calories, carbohydrates. An avocado is no longer and avocado but instead it’s fat. Chicken turns into lean meat, an ‘animal’ that cannot be found on the pasture grazing. Lean meat is not a category. This is that confusion at its simplest form. And in the same breath, we look at countries around the world and give them kudos for the culinary sophistication of the French, or the simple and natural ways of the Mediterranean, the poster child of health.


Obesity, sickness, lethargy, and cancer have never been higher, coupled with the blame game and quick fixes, we are drinking the kool-aid of our own doing, sinking quicker and quicker into our hospital beds of inevitability. What are we doing to change the problem? Not much. It all starts with knowledge, taking the time to educate ourselves on what we are putting in to our bodies, and why. What is the quality? Where does it come from? Are we consuming x,y, or z because someone told us to or because our body is going to function better this way? These are questions we need to and should be asking our selves. We have had access to the interenet for over 12 years. There are no longer any excuses for us to be sick and lazy and not knowing the cause. The blame lies in our hands, and our hands only. The only way out of this disconnection is to take action and responsibility for our wellbeing and this one body that is ours.

Weighing out the opportunity cost, and that is, what you take away by spending x amount of money to get y product, is what needs to be inspected. In the instance of food as fuel, one pound does not equal one pound. Paying five dollars for a chicken breast sounds catastrophic to most individuals, and the reasoning for consuming in the latter fashion always comes back to our American mind-set “why not get more for less” – why it makes sense to buy fourteen chicken breasts for the price of one? This is faulty thinking. If this system, these rules that we follow as the youth fountain of nutrition for us were working, then we wouldn’t be in this state. A wise man once said, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again without seeing any changes- I think his name was Einstein. Our bodies were made to heal themselves, and provide us with a machine that is mind blowing in its capacity if we oil it right. Garbage in is garbage out. It’s as simple as this productivity equation.

If we take a bird’s eye view on the matter we can see that, factory farming, for instance, is solely driven by producing the highest yielding of food possible. Why? Because this is going to yield the biggest profits for the farmer, the producer. It wouldn’t make sense, from a monetary/profit standpoint to raise grass fed beef that is going to take 6 months longer to water, to feed, to grow, so where is the process manipulated? It is manipulated in the growing process of the animal, of the plant. Genetic modifications and growth hormones ensure that the amount of money, time and effort that is put into the harvesting of the product will, with certainty, produce a profit. Not only is a profit guaranteed in doing things in this fashion, but the government endorses the highest factory farming industries in the world- the milk organizations, corn, factory farming in any and all lights-so they are going to do whatever is in their power to get a kick back. When you have the most powerful companies and big business in collaboration, they are going to use that power to get us to buy into their game. That is the only reason why the food pyramid is a thing. There is no reason for us to have rules and regulations that break down our ability to eat. And if you tell people this is how they need to eat, you again, are guaranteeing a profit. Simply put, we need to eat real foods, and real foods only. Once we do that, the rest of the picture works itself out and we have nothing to worry about because our bodies are getting the necessary nutritious it needs to process.


When you’re able to clearly see this, things start to become simplified. You can see that we are told to eat things that are going to make money for the man, not to feed our bodies and keep them healthily chugging along. And once this shift in your perception occurs, you’re going to be able to make conscious decisions based off of your own guidelines. Take the time to do the research and start questioning things. Do not take things at face value, because it is not always what it seems. Weigh out what is going to be the most beneficial for your body, and start there.