“KOMBIT: The Cooperative,” is a documentary by the award-winning filmmakers at Found Object. The film chronicles an unlikely partnership between a Haitian agronomist and a former NGO leader that begins with a five-year pledge by Timberland to plant five million trees, and becomes a story of empowerment, friendship, and hope for the small farmers of Haiti.

Once considered the richest agricultural country in the Caribbean, Haiti has been devastated by instability and natural disasters and is now one of the most severely deforested countries in the worldkombit-poster, so resource-strapped that local farmers are challenged to make a living. Timberland sought to change that and worked with local partners on the ground that ultimately founded the Smallholder Farmers Alliance (SFA), a Haitian nonprofit farming cooperative.

Kuli Kuli brought together the SFA, the Clinton Foundation and Whole Foods Market, to sell the Moringa Green Energy Shots as a way to help plant moringa trees in Haiti and support Haitian farmers.

This film perfectly captures the spirit of “kombit,” a Haitian Creole term used to define a community working together towards a common goal. We are looking for passionate people like you to join us on our national tour to communities and campuses across the nation.

Want to learn more about Kombit and how you can bring the film to your community? Visit www.kombitfilm.com or email kombit@filmsprout.org today!