They’re in everything: water, meat, plastic, the lining of our aluminum cans, and foods, organic or not.

They can also be in our thoughts.

They are the heavy sediments that sneak in through our subconscious and linger in our pores. They are undetectable…until they make us sick.

We can invest in air filters and juice cleanses, but are we also investing the time and energy to undergo a mental detox? Are we investing in cleansing breaths, positive energy, colorful laughter with friends, spicy new adventures? Are we shunning the destructive self-criticism with the same diligence we shun pesticides?

As a chef, I am asked for Detox recipes that promote new spring energy. Yet detox foods can do more than inspire a change in your digestion.

These 4 Detox Foods can inspire a change in your entire mind, body, and spirit:



Red Chili


Turmeric Highlight
1) Turmeric for COLOR

Turmeric’s bright yellow color gives blended curry powder its trademark golden hue. While the Western scientific community isn’t sold on the benefits of turmeric in humans, it has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine as a natural inflammatory and blood-thinner. The magic substance in turmeric responsible for its benefits is curcumin. Curcumin is an antioxidant that can battle the free radicals that cause cancer. It lowers blood-clotting ability of platelets, thereby thinning the blood. It reduces the levels of two enzymes linked to inflammation. These powerful effects make it a prime candidate as a natural treatment for cancer, osteoarthritis, indigestion, and neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Outside of the body, let turmeric’s powers also help release the inflammation of toxic energy. Let it thin the heat that can rise in battered relationships. Maybe it’s time to heal the wounded scars that have built between old acquaintances. Maybe it’s time to tend to mend old wounds and thin the thickening resentment that anger can elicit. Or maybe it’s just time to let go and move on.

Turmeric’s orange-yellow gives this Healthiest Hummus a kiss of golden color. With cooked lentils and Moringa powder, this is a healthy, satisfying dip.

Healthiest Hummus
2) Ginger for WARMTH

Picture this: The first touch of spring sun. Months of winter’s cold, dreary gray have finally started to thaw. You step outside to feel that first beam of spring’s warmth. The heat begins on the tops of your cheeks. Give it a moment. Let it soak in. Feel it makes its way to your ears, down your neck, deep in your belly, down to the soles of your feet. Let that warmth shine on you and swaddle you.Ginger Lemon Green Energy shot

Find this simple warmth in your life and bathe in it. The love of a parent, the laughter of friends, the support of a workout buddy. Bathe in the ripple effect these warm interactions have on you. Let them permeate your skin, soaking in deep below the surface. Feel them like that first sunbeam of spring – from your cheeks all the way to the soles of your feet.

Let ginger also warm you, from your taste buds to your belly. Enjoy it in zingy Ginger Lemon Moringa Green Energy Tea.  A cup in the morning will get you moving, and an afternoon sip will perk you up.


Red Chili Pepper
3) Red Chili for SPICE

Cleaning out the junk and letting go of heavy baggage opens space and frees energy for new adventures.

Go for it.
Add some spice.
Sign up for a new fitness class, take piano lessons, look for a new job, plan a trip somewhere new. Try. Explore.
Surprise yourself.
Find new ways to add a little excitement and spice to your life.

Red chili and its spicy relatives contain capsaicin, a natural analgesic pain-reliever, used in anti-inflammatory medications and treatments. Research has seven pointed to the possibility of capsaicin to fight cancer cells, as it has been shMoringa Chileown to block mitochondrial respiration, essentially causing “cancer suicide”. While scientists continue to investigate, let’s continue to eat.

The most common way many of us enjoy red chili is in a big pot of chili.  Make this Vegan Three Bean Chili for a comforting, spicy dinner.

4) Water to PURIFY

Clean, Glacial Water
There is no debate that water is essential for humans. Our bodies naturally crave more water when dealing with stressful situations. We crave it when we are physically active, unable to think straight, at higher elevation, and even feverish. NMoringa Teao fancy juice concoctions are needed. Just pure, simple water.

Bathe in the pure simplicity of a glass of water. Savor the time it takes to sip every drop. Water is cool, clear, neutral. Let it remind you to see the world with a cool, clear, neutral perspective. Nature’s simplest form of nourishment is nothing more than 3 molecules, sustaining vitality to all living creatures.

Use clean, pure water to make a Mor(e)inga Tea.  Delicious, hydrating and refreshing.


About the Author:Kuli Kuli Bloggers

Katie Simmons

Katie is a Personal Chef based in Chicago.  She specializes in creating delicious, healthy recipes for those with special dietary concerns like gluten-free, oil-free, plant-based, and low-residue.  Outside of the kitchen, she is a Fitness Instructor for Equinox, with over 13 years experience in the fitness industry.  For fun, she loves to travel, with her most recent travel involving 10 days of hiking in the Patagonia of Argentina and Chile.  You can learn more about her and her recipes at: