2016-06-16 09.20.23When I mentioned to the Kuli Kuli team that I would be visiting San Francisco to see some friends and wanted to stop by, Anne Tsuei, Marketing and PR Manager, suggested that I come by for the quarterly recipe photo shoot.

During our monthly blogger hangouts, Anne has mentioned that to get the beautiful photos featured on the Kuli Kuli website and newsletters, “takes an army.” So really I had no idea what to expect.

As we were driving over to Alameda, Anne explained that the photo shoot takes place at the house of one of the Kuli Kuli founders. I asked if they had a professional chef come in to make the dishes and I think Anne almost laughed at me as she explained that no, the marketing team at Kuli Kuli cook, plate, and photograph everything. Including the fact that Anne takes all the pictures and compiles all the marketing materials, the quarterly food photo shoot is definitely a budget affair.

This is exactly the type of start up culture that has made Kuli Kuli the success it is today. When we arrived on scene, a bit later than planned, the team went to work – unloading everything from the car, looking over our recipe and shot list, assigning out different dishes to each person, and setting up the photo station.

2016-06-16 10.48.11Luckily, they were shooting a moringa latte recipe I had written last year along with two dishes that are a nod to my Hawaiian roots – moringa ahi tuna poke and moringa vegan spam musubi – so I got to my hands dirty (only after washing them, of course) and set to work making each of the dishes I knew by heart.

Everyone else was busy as well, prepping breads, pies, ants on a log, and so many other tasty treats. The kitchen was awash in the sounds of cooking and the delicious smell from the oven.

I sadly had another meeting to go to and couldn’t stay for the entire day, but from what I smelled and tasted, the next batch of recipes is going to be a huge treat for anyone who decides to give them a whirl!

Thank you to the Kuli Kuli Marketing Team for letting me experience the magic behind the photos. Be on the lookout to see all of the delicious recipes on our blog this summer!

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